Minecraft 2012 VS 2022 Things!

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Minecraft has altered so much since 2012!

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Character drawn by @MagnaGallina

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  2. Victoria Stephenson

    If you play on mobile you don’t have a dedicated sprint button you still have to double tap the lock button

  3. Caldrons can be used to make infinite of one potion. If you put 1 potion in a caldron it makes all the uses in that same potion.

  4. I know this is weird but I need help So this was in creative I went in survival and jumped off a mountain I died right it wouldn’t let me respawn so I closed app and I can’t load in no more I’m on bedrock ps4 please help

  5. Samnang Samrithisak

    1:09 thx for the QR code!

  6. I have that

  7. funny u still take fall damige from bouts on minecraft bedrock on phones

  8. Sadly on Bedrock TNT still doesn’t drop 100% of blocks 😞

  9. Suicide is Badass

    But heeeeyy!!
    It’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY

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