Minecraft 1.20 Should Be “The Inventory Update”

A giant thanks to HenkelMax, Dnator & Th3Pooka for help with the video clip’s production.

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00:00 The Inventory Needs An Update
04:47 Simple Ideas
08:11 Moderate Ideas
12:14 Advanced Ideas
17:26 Expansion Ideas
20:00 Closing Argument

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  1. I spent the last three months working on this video. I’d like to continue working with others to create more scripted content like this. If you want to help support me in that ambition, please consider becoming a Patreon! You’ll also get access to our minecraft server. Cheers 🙂

    • @Tidbit the bundle was a terrible idea would not have fixed anything

    • @Jason Cliff inventory management is a regular chore and needs fixing,you can stick your head in the sand and say it doesn’t affect you, but it affects all of us. It needs fixing… Desperately.

    • Can somebody contact gnembon on this topic? He is probably under somekind of NDA but it’s worth a chance 🤫

    • @Kae Ebonrai 1) i never it was not an issue just not as big for most players 2) you didn’t read or understand my post because game play pressures should always exist. Building huge complex things is not the only way Minecraft is played.

    • Alexandre J. W. Klaus

      suggestion for the larger stack sizes, you need some form or unlock that is relativley rare to be able to have stacks larger than 64 makes it something that keeps the classic 64 at times but still has options for larger stack sizes

  2. Faerie Hearthwitch

    This was brilliant! So many excellent ideas. I play in Peaceful and Creative Mode. I love going out and gathering resources. Mining, harvesting and trading are what relaxes me. When I build I often go into Creative Mode, where I have everything I need, except space. Even I end up with chest monsters and constantly having to rummage through them to find certain blocks to continue building. As I become a better builder, I know variety of blocks and textures is everything and I also know I want even more blocks in MC! But inventory is far too small. I love the ideas of putting other items, like food, a clock, boat, spyglass, in their own section because I have so many things, like various compasses (one for my base, one for the Nether Portal, one for the End, one for a Woodland mansion, that I hardly have any place for blocks anymore. Not to mention a bed… Also I wish we could hover over a chest, enderchest or shulker and view what is inside before constantly opening and closing things. So basically a see-thru ability when nearby…just a glance at a chest to see its own inventory! Add it to the wishlist! Well done! Mojang…please listen!

  3. Yeah the most ones i wasnt agreeing on, but siphon and refill is a bloody good idea!

  4. I have a counter argument for the inventory, I can make the case that it adds to the challenge, especially in survival mode. These changes would fit better in creative mode. And no, Im not saying that changes should not be allowed, but this argument comes from me, personally, finding it more fun and thrilling to do inventory management and evaluating whats worth it to bring with me, but to be honest the inventory needs reworking. Cause, keep in mind, Minecraft is for everyone.

  5. the biggest issue I have with my inventory is when I’m building: for example, i like block variety, and if I’m building a cave, that means i’ll probably have andesite, cobble, and stone blocks, stairs, slabs, and walls! that’s 12 items!! for just adding variation for one thing!! the idea of being able to place any block type for each block is what i *desperately* want!! I’m happy to pay for the more expensive blocks if it makes it that easy

  6. I can see the title now the “Inventory & Storage” update

  7. personally I still think, as I have thought since 1.16, that minecraft needs an end update

  8. i never agreed with something more then this

  9. All they need to do is put jei in the next update

  10. 10:16 Guys, who’s gonna tell him what “baddies” actually are?

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