MINECRAFT 1.20 : Everything Revealed At Minecraft Live 2022

MINECRAFT 1.20 HAS BEEN REVEALED! 🔥 With a secret theme and snapshots soon, Minecraft 1.20 is going to be intriguing! This year at Minecraft live we got to look at the brand-new camel mob, the new bamboo timber type, and so much more!

0:00 – hello its me
0:27 – camel
1:55 – minecraft 1.20 theme
2:27 – new minecraft skins
3:07 – minecraft legends
5:18 – hanging signs
6:19 – bamboo timber
8:00 – minecraft dungeons
9:06 – chiseled bookshelf
10:33 – minecraft 1.20 snapshot date
12:22 – minecraft mob vote 2022

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if you read this remark “sniffer sweep”


  1. What are your thoughts on Minecraft 1.20 so far?!

  2. Samuel Nesmejanow

    I agree with other people who are saying it’s nice that they aren’t over promising, it’s like everyone’s happy with what’s been promised so far and so if there is anything else that they put into the update, it’s just an added bonus. I’m really excited. Especially because the theme hasn’t been revealed. I think the devs might add a couple more things to define the theme of the update. They might go in the direction of the camel and make a new desert related update or maybe they have a more mystical theme with the ancient sniffer mob and the new bookshelves. It’ll be interesting to see where this update goes as snapshots come out.

  3. cherry blossom tree. We would still need the dark pink, pink, yellow & white varieties. Perhaps Pando trees also.

  4. Ella M. B. Værland

    Why did you put penguins in the thumbnail lmfao

  5. I was a huge fan of Minecraft Dungeons up until the game crashed on me and all of my progress vanished. Not sure if they’ve done it yet but there needs to be some sort of cloud save or similar mechanic. I completely stopped playing after this happened.

  6. omg i cant wait for this update

  7. first copper & now tuff FeelsBadMan when will iron golem finally get a baby

  8. I still don’t understand why the tuff golem lost😔

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