Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w14a Raw Gold, Iron & Copper (Works With Fortune)

Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w13a Invisible Light Source Block & Goats!


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00:00 Raw Iron, Gold & Copper
01:58 Fortune Enchantment
02:48 World Generation
03:22 Waxed Oxidized Copper
04:24 Screaming Goats
06:23 Axolotl & Glowsquid Spawning
06:55 End Dimension Terrain
07:30 Bugs

#minecraft #rawiron #cliffsandcaves


  1. Oh my… this video got 500 likes in SECONDS after clicking publish! lol, thanks for your support peeps <3

  2. Karthik Ramachandran

    So…. Goat-suma soon?

  3. MichealNotMichael

    X: I’m only human
    Me: I thought you are a bee.

  4. Wheres Kentucky Bruce

    4:11 it would be cool to use a pickaxe to create cracked stone bricks in this way. They could be fixed clay or cobblestone

  5. ngl i’m really disliking this update, it doesn’t feel like giving new content to caves, it just feels like completely redoing a game mechanic that was there since forever. It also kinda feels like they’re just doing all this to appeal to new players
    edit: forgot to say that the fact fortune works now on iron and gold too is pretty dumb, it felt like you needed to grind to get a lot of them and now it’s extremely easy, it was fine with diamonds because diamonds already are rare enough

  6. this change is actually quite awesome

  7. Hmmm copper salmon

  8. Didnt expect Mojang to actually change the Way the Metal Ores work.
    Given the other ores though, this makes perfect Sense.

    The Way they did it also feels a lot better than the frequently requested Grinder.

  9. I love the raw gold texture

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