Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

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  1. Graham!

  2. eat the rich

  3. Lmaooo the credit card mannnn

  4. I feel like everyone is here for graham Stephen

  5. loving tim!!!! so wise

  6. Tbh it is on mindset. I’d recommend reading: rich dad, poor dad by Robert kiyosaki and think and grow rich by Napoleon hill

  7. Man the bald head minimum wage guy is where he is because of his mindset 100%

  8. If your risk dosent pay off, try again, try again, and try again. Its a game of atrition and consistency

  9. do teachers vs students

  10. Even though they were minimum wage, none of them went though real struggles. You needed people that grew up in inner cities or a ex-convict or immigrants or homeless. I’d like to see those millionaires try and tell them they can become rich if they just “try” smdh.

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