Millionaire’s Shortbread | Basics with Babish

This week on Basics, it is time to make the utmost cookie: millionaire’s shortbread.

Ingredients & Shopping List coming shortly!

Music: “Sweet Berry Wine” by Blue Wednesday


  1. Is my understanding of kosher just way off or are Jewish people just really good at making salt?

  2. Who else is watching one of the best cookers ever making something so extravegant with soggy cheerios

  3. Give it the ‘ol tappa tappa

  4. As I’m starting no sugar diet you decide to make my ultimate favorite food

  5. This video seemed to go fast for some reason

  6. For the first time in my knowledge, tiny whisk has failed us ?✌?

  7. Basically its a twix but yummier

  8. Where are the savoury pies???

  9. PLS make parasite’s maggie noodle :)))

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