Milio, the Gentle Flame Ability Reveal | New Champion

The new champ Milio, the Gentle Flame is here!

00:00 Passive – Fired Up!
00:16 Q – Ultra Mega Fire Kick
00:28 W – Cozy Campfire
00:56 E – Warm Hugs
01:07 R – Breath of Life
01:24 Splash Arts
01:34 Joke Emote


  1. Un peruano en lol

  2. Permaban until the overloaded kit gets nerfed. The W in particular is going to have to be gutted.

  3. Renz Gabriel Begonia

    I would love to play milio, I absolutely love his kit..❤️‍🔥

  4. Nope absolutely fucking not, remove about 50% of the utility from his kit before he hits live or he’s just gonna invalidate pretty much every other enchanter

  5. RayKho Production

    He is the only one champ with zilean who have only one damage spell

  6. Why even play something like Renata or Karma when Milio isn’t banned? He’s a jack of all trades enchanter but still does others’ jobs better than they do

  7. does is w work on himself that would be awesome

  8. This doesn’t feel like it belongs in the league

  9. Wait is the 200 year team on vacation? That actually looks fun AND balanced!

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