Mia & Stuart | Our Wedding

Our official marriage ceremony video clip!!
HUGE Thank you to Amari Productions for capturing our special day!!
Have Amari shoot YOUR wedding ceremony: https://amariproductions.com/contact

Thank you so much for viewing!

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  1. dontforgetaboutmex

    Oh my goodness, what a fairytale wedding! I loved everything, from the flowers to the mens’ suspenders! Congratulations Mia and Stuart, may you live a long happy and healthy life together 🥳🎊🧚🏻‍♂️🌺🌸

  2. This is such a whimsical wedding. It’s like two fairies getting married. So beautiful.

  3. Both of you look so amazing. Congratulations 🤧

  4. I’m not crying! Your crying! 🥲🤩 such beautiful weeding! And you looked gorgeous!

  5. This the cutest thing ever 🥹🥹↖️💗💗

  6. You should have played one of my songs at your wedding. Congrats!!!

  7. Congratulations! It was all gorgeous! I wish you two every happiness. ❤️

  8. mia you look like a fairy princess!!!! also congratulations!!! best wishes for your marriage!

  9. Congrats Mia, this was so very special to see. It is a beautiful memory and it felt like we were apart of it. Thanks for inviting us to watch 💐

  10. Omgg everything looks perfect❤️lotss of love to you guysss

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