Metric Paper & Everything in the Universe

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  1. Me half through the video: “That’s a small sheet of paper.”

    Me at the end of the video: “That’s a big sheet of paper.”

  2. Invisible Impostor

    *Plot Twist:* Multiple galactic filaments form the most elementary particles we know of, so if you zoom out enough, you can see yourself. More importantly, this means the universe exists by itself with the starting and ending like movable points in a circle.

  3. I am nothing 🥳

  4. this video is referencing the entire universe to a simple sheet of metric paper
    he actually did it guys…flat universe theory confirmed…

  5. All of reality is space, but also matter.
    Everything matters, but is mostly empty.

    Yet there my be something we can’t see in that space…..

  6. The Metric system is too logical, practical and convenient to be used. 😀

  7. Frostburn Spirit

    If there is a shortest distance, is there not a shortest time as well?

  8. This A4 thing is cool and all, but I prefer the AMERICAN system of 5.4 washing machine:2 hamburger letter size.

  9. Why did you put where you live on this video??

  10. all is maya

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