META RUNNER – Season 1 Episode 2: Out Of Bounds | Glitch Productions

Tari has warped into the video game; Ultra Jump Mania! With the direction of Theo, what trials will Tari face in a game where terror looms around every corner?

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Thank you to AMD:

Next episode of Meta Runner drops next Thursday 12pm PST!

About Meta Runner:
In a future where video games are everything, young Meta Runner Tari must do whatever she can to expose her past. E-sports, sci-fi, and video games collide in Glitch Production’s first entirely animated series.
Constructed by Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul

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  1. Anyone thought the thumbnail was Fortnite?

  2. Not even Sportacus can make those jumps

  3. Omg I can’t wait for the next episode

  4. *It’s taller than me, so it’s obviously a boss.*

  5. Simpleflip island wut


  6. What if Meta Runner became a Video Game? That would be badass, and before you write your replies stating “Highly unlikely” etc. Know that it was just a thought.

  7. Tari: We should run!
    Theo: nah thats lame

  8. Is tari a doppleganger of tracer?

  9. No i need more please I beg of you please in need it ?

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