Meta Loses $230 billion [Biggest Company Loss in History]

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  1. Bye bye Facebook.

  2. I ain’t been back
    Idk my passw***

  3. I dropped Facebook when zuckini pushed woke-ism

  4. This what happens when someone always copies other people ideas or just tends to buy them only for market domination and no other purpose.

  5. News like this, really brings in the joy among people.

  6. Meta is like Raditz of Big Tech

  7. Meta Facebook are pushing the Covid fear for financial gain. The metaverse is their solution to it

  8. Meta gear unsullied 🤒

  9. La Densidad Norteña

    Everyone – omg I feel so much better thnks for the news

    Mark : still Rich as fuck

    Y’all fucken weird lol

  10. paypal is down even more then FB since last year, think its about 60% off highs after 1 cent miss on earning and lowered guidance, now is that warranted?

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