met gala (again)

thank you to cartier and vogue for having me back ❤️
my interviews with vogue: @Vogue
thank you to miu miu, cartier, and lancome for my look, and thank you to all who made it viable… my stylist jared, make up artist kelsey, hair stylist sami, and nail artist thuy ❤️


recorded by michael & emma chamberlain
edited by emma chamberlain


  1. i like her vibe.

  2. Shayda Kamalvandi

    OMG! I love this girl

  3. Colleen Harding

    I remember when you said you were a mean girl in high school.

  4. I’m enjoying Grace on No Perfect Plan YouTube channel.

  5. Amelie Scherer

    17 dollars for like 9 strawbs???????

  6. omg the red eyes at the end ! i mean the room was kinda dark and you could still see the redness in her eyes i just love how authentic you are be you

  7. wassup we 2NE1xBIGBANGx BTSxBPxGOT7

    The way she films her videos are so comforting I love it!!

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