Messi, Argentina out survive Colombia in punishment kicks to advance | 2021 Copa America | FOX SOCCER

After guideline finished in a 1-1 draw, Argentina overcame Colombia, 3-2, in punishment kicks to advance to the Copa America final. Messi scored in punishment kicks and assisted on Lautaro Martinez’s goal in the 7th minute. Argentina will play Neymar and Brazil in the final.

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  1. Who will win: Brazil or Argentina?

    • @Oskarriva None of them are on the level of the previous legends I just mentioned. Do you really think Wayne Rooney or Scholes is as good as Suarez, Neymar, Xavi, Iniesta. As for Alex Ferguson Messi had Pep.

    • @Oskarriva This is why the 2 can’t be compared. Ronaldo played for 4 different clubs and 3 different major leagues. They played with completely different teams with similar stats at least it is too close to sat one is objectively better than another especially with all other factors taken into consideration. While Messi played in the same club for his whole life.

    • Argentina

    • Messi is the king of all times

  2. pretty loud crowd (;

  3. Carlos Anderson

    The artificial crowd applause is annoying.

  4. Never forget. Arsenal sold Martinez for peanuts and kept Leno.

  5. Culombia LOL

  6. Looks easy… I can do that….

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