Melting Every Soap From Whole Foods Together

ALSO, if you would like to enter the franken-soap giveaway to win one of these bad boys, the Google Form is right here!!

HELLO FRIENDS!! Today I let the intrusive thoughts win and melted together every bar of soap sold at Whole Foods…yes, that’s right – not even Whole Foods is safe from some ~mad franken-science~.

So we bought 109 bars from 23 different brands – and shredded them all down to tiny little cheese shreds, and then used a “rebatching” technique to create one singular & striped franken-bar. The process was long and grueling, but it was definitely worth it in the end since our final franken-bars ended up so cute!! What do you guys think of our final product?

Big thank you to both Katie at Royalty Soaps & Anne-Marie at Bramble Berry for their expert opinions on our franken-soap!!
And here’s the link to the video by Elly’s Everyday Soap Making that we used for our rebatching procedure!
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Executive Producers: Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams
Head of Production: Carey Fiock
Production Manager / Producer: Melissa Douglas
Junior Associate Producer: Ishara Mathews
Production Assistant: Aayanah McCreary
Content Promotions & Video Packaging Manager: Alaina Simmons
Short Form Producer: Myia Lambe
Short Form Editor: Hailey Cox
Editor: Andrew Lainhart
Editor: Bree von Bradsky
Editor Nez Covington
Editor: Mandy Padgett
Graphic Designer: Dayana Espinoza

0:00 Intro
3:44 Shopping Time!
6:45 Our Plan Of Attack
7:41 Let The Shredding Begin!
9:24 Black & Adjacent Soaps
10:59 Brown Soaps
12:57 Medium Beige, Off-White, & White Soaps
16:12 Red & Pink Soaps
17:38 Yellow & Orange Soaps
19:04 Green Soaps
20:23 Blue & Purple Soaps
21:56 Mixing Our Soap Shreds
25:32 Crockpotting Commences
26:50 Pouring Our Soaps
28:28 De-Molding Time!


  1. For 50% off with HelloFresh PLUS free shipping, use code 50SAFIYA at! i hope you guys enjoyed watching this 🧼 mad soap experiment 🧼 & don’t forget to enter the giveaway in the description for your chance to win one of these whole-franken-bars!! what did you think of the final product?? and what should we franken next?? xoxo, saf

  2. Not the toenailssssss

  3. 💗💖🥺

  4. The kelp and beef jerky bar

  5. Medium beige? More like a large beige hehehehehehehe

  6. love love love love love

  7. Was also hoping for they to make a new bar for each brand of soap!

  8. Have mad appreciation for how everything you say is a pop culture reference – haven’t met anyone outside of my own family who use it as the main form of communication

  9. I didn’t even know it was possible for a store to sell so much soap! So impressed by the dedication 😧

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