Melting Every Lipstick From The Drugstore Together

So we dissolved one of every lip liner from CVS together. Once again, a huge thank you to Honey! Get Honey for FREE and start saving cash today ▸

The frankenlipstick giveaway entry form is here!

So as you all know, I have done many frankenmakeup experiments over the past couple years – and about 12 months ago, I made a mega-franken-lip liner by dissolving every lip liner from Sephora together – to look at, roughly, what the “average” lip liner from Sephora would look like. And I’ve always wondered if that “average” would differ from store to store – so I ransacked CVS and purchased one of every lip liner they sell there to make into a mega-franken-CVS lipstick. And then we dissolved down those 500 lipsticks, and made 400 to send to you all!

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Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley

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  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! yes, i have returned with a video that randomly took us a very long time to make!! this is the last video we have from before we took our asia trip so up next… japan content!! woohoo 🙂 also, here is the link to the frankenlipstick giveaway entry form! – xoxo, saf


  3. (27:44) Names based on swatches:

    1) Revenge of the MuruMuru Butter
    2) Saft
    3) Bunnicula
    4) Tyler Likes It or Not Violet
    5) Tasty
    6) Orange You Glad
    7) Graphite

  4. this took a long time to film might as well pay it off by making it #1 treading congrats?

  5. Think you need to mix all the mistake paints at Home Depot or free paint you can collect and paint a wall with them.

  6. Omg plz plz plz give me one of any.. My wife loves you and have entered in giveaway via form too

  7. Get over it saf

  8. Felicity Vasquez

    I really hope I win this time love u Safiyaaa!???

  9. breanna marissa


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