Melanie Martinez – K-12 (Teaser 3)

K-12 ? SEPT 6

The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Melanie Martinez.


  1. Well suicide has got to wait till September- can’t die before seeing this masterpiece!!!

  2. counselor kade I lov u

    september 6th is so far away. I’m gonna be in my grave before then.

  3. Julia Floriano

    i cant wait ❤ i KNOW this is going to be one of my favorites

  4. there’s mY BABYYYYY, Melanie and Yungelita are just like angels.

  5. Talks about school, for sure a lot of student will relate.

  6. post it already

  7. AAAAAA #6 on trending

  8. Why September 6? loooooOooooooOoooOoOoOoong wait.

  9. trinity williams

    noooo sept noo melanie why we have to wait soooooo long 🙁 im crushed because the cry baby album was so damn good

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