Meghan Trainor – Made You Look (Again)

Meghan Trainor – Made You Look (Again)

“Takin’ It Back” available at:

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  1. The “Bop bop bop” part is the best for me!😭 (0:51)

  2. pest song from somali🇸🇴

  3. oh ini performance video ya Meghan eonnie?

  4. pamela natalie yanson

    Tiktok and IG Reels took me here. This has become an earworm. Like a broken record that keeps playing in my mind. Love the beat and how happy it is!

  5. Video reminds me of Megan Thee Stallion big ol freak. Love it! With all the focus on her and the colors.

  6. I’m confused why is it again?

  7. Melvin Jead Dalioan

    More like “for Chris’s account (better version) video”

  8. Just A Small Town Girl_Lynne

    What a fun song & video‼️‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Oh darling a morning sunshine💓💓💓

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