Megan Fox Tries To Stop Machine Gun Kelly & Conor McGregor’s Fight At MTV VMAs

When Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly crossed paths at the MTV Video Music Awards, things seemed to almost get ferocious. The MMA fighter and the “Papercuts” singer seemed to have a quarrel on the award show’s red carpet. An eyewitness who was there when the evident quarrel occurred tells Access Hollywood that McGregor threw a punch but Megan Fox stood in front of her beau in an effort to stop the fight from intensifying.


  1. Lil Connie fought an old man for not drinking his beer now MGK-stick for not taking a picture. Man’s taking L since dat khabib ass whooping 😭

  2. shes so fine. my god

  3. You know. NEVER IN A FUCKING LIFETIME would I assume Megan Fox’s name is MEGAN.

  4. I think he should just start going by Kelly the machine gun doesn’t work anymore he looks like such a bitch

  5. Bahahahahaha Megan wasn’t stoping nothing that boy was scared shitless

  6. That boy lucky Connor McGregor only on one. Leg no better time for Eminem and Connor Need to get together and makes song with little video

  7. Conor has gone googoo gaagaa!

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