This is the best video clip essay of All Time


  1. Anyone else remember having to be on their parents account and going in with a group of friends to rent a movie, only to find out your parents have incurred a ton of money in late fees (that you can’t pay because you’re a kid) and therefore, them ruining your life? Just me? Okay.

  2. It was sad to see the last few in Alaska close up these past couple of years.

  3. Where’sThaKids ?

    #6 on Trending

  4. you made it, you’re #6 on trending.

  5. #6 on trending what a god

  6. How come this shit didn’t happen to family video

  7. Uffh you still look daddy af even when animated

  8. Making money off late fees? Failed for some …. Yet works wonders for others.
    The govt: bich only we make money off late fees
    The medical community: us too!
    The credit unions: us too bichs!
    Et cetera

  9. I worked at blockbuster when I was in high school back in the VHS days, it was the most fun I have ever had at a job. I will always have positive memories of blockbuster. 😔

  10. Great video

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