Mechanic Reacts to Horrible DIY Car Hacks

We asked real mechanics to break down some of the greatest and worst DIY vehicle hacks we could find on the internet and tell us if they are authorized hacks or completely wack.

Giant thanks to our professionals, Sandro and Junior, for sharing their knowledge and expertise with us!

Real Mechanic Stuff is a channel from your pals at Donut! We feature all sorts of automotive professionals, every week.


  1. Thompson Schwabbel

    guys the air “transfer” video is reversed haha. you can see the cut when he goes back to the car and touches the hose it’s in a different position

  2. Sandro shouting out the venturi effect, like carburetors rely on. Dude knows his stuff!

  3. We do something similar to the leaky tire hose fix at work. When an aircraft’s wheel needs to be changed we will use air out of the bad tire to run a pneumatic jack.

  4. o-boy-its-joshua

    Give Sandro a contract lol

  5. To the zip ties on the oil drain plug I as well call it wack I just flick the drain plug and 90 percent of the time it spun all the way out and if not there is so many other ways to not get oil on your hands if you know

  6. Rogelio da pan

    Having foos on the show made this a lot funner lol great job !!!

  7. Still looking for an explanation why this subpage of Donut exists

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