Meanwhile… Queen Elizabeth’s Swanky Escape Plan

‘The Spouse’ star Glenn Close feels like she’s just now reaching her prime, masterly and physically.

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  1. Gerard Shaughnessy

    He’s just… like really… he’s just not funny … he’s outdated, copying the likes of John Stewart and Conan and the only reason he’s still on air is because he hasn’t sexually harassed anybody. The pool is getting smaller and smaller and if I wanna laugh I gotta go find people who haven’t featured on whose line

  2. Jimmy

  3. @Steven, Shalom, she’s at, ice that hag for yes I care,

  4. I did not know Queen E was alive!?

  5. Oh the horror! How are the rich to preserve their priceless magnificent art on their expensive yacht?

    And that right there is why we should tax the rich.

  6. Its hard to even fake a laugh for this man.

  7. Not sure if you are laughing at the meat hotel idea, or if you’re advertising it to your American audience to come to Europe.

  8. Of course it’s Delta. Show this to John Mulaney.

  9. Off with there heads

  10. Brexit sucks!!

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