Me vs. 7’4 Future #1 NBA Draft Pick!

Thanks to the @NBA G League for hooking this up!

Check out the people in the video clip!


Video uploaded by
Kris London/Kristopher London/LSK/lskakarot
#2HYPE #Basketball #LSK


  1. Kristopher London

    Recorded a banger before the concussion! Enjoy y’all, Wemby said 50k likes I’ll go to Paris and do some vlogs together 👀🔥🔥 SO PUNCH TF OUTTA THAT LIKE BUTTON!

  2. No way you got his name wrong in the first 10 seconds of the vid 😂

  3. damn i was right LMFAO

  4. We have to help him hit 50k likes

  5. Already spelled his name wrong 8 seconds in 🤦‍♂️

  6. Victor is fucking enormous damn

  7. Victor :I’m 7’3
    Kris: proceeds to put 7’4 in the title

  8. This man’s gunna cook you LSK but I’m
    Here for it 😂😂

  9. Kris will win (I was right)

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