Maybe Intel Isn’t DEAD Yet! – 10nm Ice Lake First Look

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Intel hits back with the release of their Intel tenth gen 10nm mobile processors at Computex 2019 that offers a ton of terrific new features!

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  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Sorry I meant 2X performance increase on graphics, not 2%!!

    • +A A 2400G is about 40w, and the gpu already waste 25w. this is i7+ gen 11 gpu only 25w. Power consumption is very important for the intergraded gpu .2400g is useless thing, for destop ,the intergraded gpu was useless.for laptop ,it was too hot and too high power consumption.

    • +The Legacy ryzen 7 namometer is fake 7nanometer. how much time we need to explain this? compare to first gen zen . zen2 ipc is 15% improve. it is from gf 14 to tsmc 7nm. and intel 14nm to 10nm have 18% ipc improve.
      this prove tsmc 7nm not the true 7nm.

    • Will those chips be affected by the current security flaws in Intel architecture

    • Oh I was gonna say… I was a little weirded out but I figured it out when you said “another 2x performance boost” and then I checked the comments. Thanks dudes who clarified that, probably not Linus. Idk why everyone assumes it’s Linus behind the commenting.

    • Did Linus drop the X ? ?

  2. Impressed? No, AMD impressed. But that will most likely change. Always does.

  3. Amd486 Microprocessor

    So macbook gets to keep its thunderbolt??

  4. a typo and you almost killed intel…:))

  5. Narayan Lewandowski

    uhhhhhh.. nice 3d model?..

  6. FimWritersGroup

    People praising AMD and awaiting the death of Intel. I am just sitting here waiting for AMD to fuck their consumers due to no competition if it happens. *proceeds to eat popcorn*

  7. Does hyper threading count when speculative execution exploits exist in the wild?

  8. since when was Intel dead

  9. Battle axe

  10. duuude get some sleep

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