MaxQ ABORT! – Blue Origin’s New Shepard Has Fiery Engine Failure In Flight

A quick update on Blue Origin’s NS23 Failure this morning.

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  1. Hey Besos… hahaha nice rocket fireworks. That’s about all the good you’re doing for anything!

  2. Manley doesn’t like any risk.

  3. So, who was on board?
    No injuries?

  4. Looking at the telemetry (which appears to be a couple of seconds behind the video), the capsule at abort engine ignition almost immediately accelerates from about 590mph to about 704mph, but then begins to decelerate, even with the rocket still burning behind it, due to the increased aero drag in the trans-sonic range. That negative acceleration may be what’s setting off the ZERO-G indicator, even while still in a very dynamic stage of flight.

  5. It seemed very slow to accelerate and the problems occurred in the 500 mph region which is well below speed of sound and therefore way before MaxQ. Excellent discussion otherwise.

  6. Your Unknown Friend 💗

    This is what I call a “successful failure”. While the booster fail it was a real world test even if unplanned of the abort eject system and it worked perfectly.

  7. The only good takeaway from this is that it confirms the capsule eject system to be reliable! So even if this thing does explodes with people aboard it there will be less fear for their lives at least…image damage is however the whole another story, but that is Bezos’ problems!…

  8. ZORRO wit the mask

    Too much power packed in such a small rocket

  9. The capsule rockets for decel didn’t fire at landing either so that thing slammed into the TX desert.

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