Max vs Lewis: Who’s at Fault? | The F1 Breakdown | Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix was a tremendous race! But the Max vs Lewis wreck was a controversial moment that needs breaking down. So let us go over it, who’s fault was it?

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Monza produces another classic! Check out all the finest bits from an exciting race at the Temple of Speed where one team asserted a win nine years in the making!

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  1. What do you think? Would love a discussion about this, just keep it nice!

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    • @himadri basu – Also the Max’s car wasn’t parked on his Lewis’ head. It stopped right on top of Lewis front left tire. You’re trying to make Lewis the victim.

    • @ReachBlows Dick
      Stats…not made up figures. Please read
      Hamilton’s adventure in Formula 1 began in 2007, Verstappen’s in 2015. The current world champion drove more than twice as many races than the Dutchman: 276 versus 128. In terms of percentage, this means that Hamilton only managed to not get to the chequered flag in 9.42% of his races, while the percentage for Verstappen is significantly higher: 21.71%

    • @Chuck LeeClerk yes maybe or they could collide there as well. It is seen in Lewis’s camera that he closes to the left and you think yes he passed and suddenly max comes from nowhere.max was definitely pushing for is Max you cant guess how far he can go

    • @ReachBlows Dick behave lol

    • @ReachBlows Dick right an idiot puts a car where it doesn’t belong hits the sausage kerb lands on top of another driver and taking them both out of the race and costing the other driver more than the moron and the other driver isn’t the victim here the moron is.

  2. 9:47 lol you can clearly see max intentions from the beginning.

  3. Excellent video. I completely agree with everything you said

  4. Still a bullshit penalty.

  5. I think the main reason that Max got the penalty was to “mark his card officially: the stewards taking the point of view that, yes he is a true racer but he has to curb his recklessness and belief that the corner is ALWAYS his. He must be controlled by Horner and Marko as Lewis (and others have demonstrated) you don’t always need to finish first to win, and just because you win the most races you can still lose the WDC (2016 is a prime example). I agree it was very marginal however I couldn’t apportion blame to Lewis, Max was carrying far too much speed yet still expecting Lewis to concede the corner. He would have been better served sending it up the escape route and try to take Lewis on Curve Grande in the same way that Norris took Leclerc after the safety car restart and also after they bumped wheels in the Chicane.

  6. I’m beginning to think it was a shit or bust move. Prevents the loss of points. Max ought to have taken to the safety road. Lewis could have positioned his car a little wider, but its inches or maybe a foot difference

  7. Lewis needs to STFU. I realize he feels he was more in danger, but his comments are garbage. That was racing incident at most. Lewis is trying to win the championship outside of his car. That’s the worst part of Formula One.

  8. They are both at fault. The only thing that is annoying me is that Lewis shouts he almost killed me but he forgot that he had sent Max with 300 km/h in the wall almost killing Max. All i can say is stop crying and start racing fair . BOTH OF THEM. THEY ARE BOTH EQUALY GILTY.

  9. Max just listen to the Senna words and went for the gap that existed

  10. I reckon Hamilton left the gap expecting verstappen to do the sensible thing and go on the brakes. You know that had he took the same aggressive line as verstappen that he would have had the blame for the inevitable accident. I say inevitable because verstappen was simply never going to back out of it. He has something to prove and moving won’t do that. Hamilton had a full picture of the situation and knew all this, just didn’t expect kamikaze moves. I disagree with squeezing off the track after an apex, if someone has managed to stay in a good position like that then they have earned the right to fight for the next corner. But they will have to fight and if I can cause them to brake earlier then I’m sorry but you simply lost out. Equally if someone squeezes me off in that position then it tells me that they don’t have enough to fight it out without squeezing me off. Hamilton kept to his line the whole time, left as much space as he should, verstappen didn’t like that he’d lost out on this one occasion. Verstappens fault

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