MAX REACTS: Tekken 8 Reveal

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Max responds to the revealing of the next insane combating game by Bandai Namco, Tekken 8! This unveil comes right out of this latest State of Play and shows off the game’s insane new graphics and also a peek at the gameplay!

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  1. SMToon en Français

    I’d love to see the chat’s reaction on screen for moments like this!

  2. cant unseen the LTG meme…!

  3. I know that’s a Jin combo because it’s the only one I can do 🙂

  4. This is just a man who has a good taste of music!

  5. Omg I have been playing since day 1 of Tekken this is amazing

  6. My god the muscle detail is ridiculous!

  7. Let’s go Kazuya I’m sorry I’m rooting for the bad guy here. Electric fountain Ost the best tekken fight song ever.

  8. I was going to bring this up until Max mentioned it but yes Jin having control over his Devil form is very similar to how Ryu now has better control over Evil Ryu/ Kage. In fact both characters are very similar in a lot of ways: both are powerful and skilled Martial artists, that struggle to contain a dark power in this case the Satsui no Hado and the Devil Gene, powers that Akuma and Kazuya have at their disposal but now it seems they have both mastered these powers and can tap into them for using these abilities to their movesets, it feels like natural evolutions of these characters moving forward.

  9. There needs to be a TKO episode about music SOON! 👌🏾🔥

  10. Ngl would really be sick if we could get Kiryu from Yakuza to cameo in this game.

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