MAX REACTS: Street Fighter 6 Cammy, Zangief, & Lily Reveal

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Max responds to the newest trailer to drop out of State of Play for Street Fighter 6, showcasing the final remaining three members of the base list of names: the returning combatants, Cammy and Zangief, and newbie, Lily!

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  1. Game looks well made and a great callback with cammys execution move

  2. They upped cammy’s baddie’ness to levels I never thought could be achieved. Haven’t been this excited for a game since sf4. Capcom going crazy.

  3. Well done Capcom for finally making gorgeous characters that don’t consist of muscle balloons.

  4. Cammy using the same finisher like on the animation movie win me over man

  5. The momentum for Lilly’s animation is so good

  6. sf6 looks so good im gonna lose my shit when we get akuma down the line

  7. Cammy, with her “more conservative but still sexy” look plus her more violent moves gives me strong Nina Williams vibes

  8. They might have 18 new characters every season pass from other SF games.

  9. No Fei-Long= Dissapointed. They have too many new characters that looks ridiculous and not cool at all. Zangief looks cool at least.

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