MAX REACTS: KEN IS BACK – Street Fighter 6 Trailer

Max checks out the most up-to-date Street Fighter 6 trailer featuring Ken, Honda, Blanka and Dhalsim. In addition, a healthy amount of single player features and new game modes. This one is insane!

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  1. This game gave me a strange nostalgia for Tekken 3 for the street fighting modes and other details I saw in the video which for me is very welcome!!!

  2. Yoooo Rick & Morty predicted Street Fighter 6 mechanics. Open world find opponents to fight.

  3. Max completely ignoring the commentary feature was hilariously frustrating.

  4. Max’s excitement is so infectious 😆 SF6 looks like fun

  5. After Tekken 8 Trailer Release Capcom Think OK WE NEED TO INTRODUCE MORE CHARACTERS and LOTS OF CRAZY STUFF that People Forget about Tekken 8 Trailer 😀

  6. Street Fighter 6 is looking awesome!

  7. As silly as it sounds, seeing the goofy “just have fun” mode gives me more confidence in this game than anything else. It just says we know the core game is gonna be good, let’s throw some extra shit in there to make it the complete package. 100%!

  8. His BackStory was Miserable Ken Got Divorced and Washed Up Like a Hobo
    Cause His Wife Left Him and Took His Son
    He Was Supposed To Train His Son To Be a Fighter Like His Old Man
    Not to Pursue the Same Dream as Ryu
    i Don’t Like His Design it’s Awful

  9. Blanka looks like monstrous chucky.

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