Matt Ramos vs Spencer Lee – 125 lb Semifinals – 2023 NCAA Championship

In a monumental upset, Purdue’s Matt Ramos conquered Iowa’s Spencer Lee in the semifinals of the 2023 NCAA grappling championships.


  1. Nutty on cloud 9

    In finale he did not look like a guy to beat Spencer lee he suck ass in the finals

  2. This gave me chills

  3. Spencer got caught

  4. That was awesome

  5. At least Purdue won at something! haha

  6. You can’t teach HEART….AWESOME PIN… congratulations

  7. “This guy stinks” 💀 bro sounded like a SpongeBob character

  8. Good on the Victor for his cocky response to winning. The other punk would have done it 10 times worse. Plus, Lee’s mother deserved to see that as her own punk son has done it countless times as he has beaten his opponents.

  9. Thumbnail such a spoiler!!!!! 😅😅

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