Marvel WHAT IF Episode 8 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Easter Eggs & Ultron Theories

Marvel WHAT IF Episode 8 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Every Easter Eggs, Cameo, Things You Missed and our divinations for the finale. We review, recap and justify episode 8 of Marvel’s What If on Disney Plus. This contains hidden surprises, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind-the-scenes leaks on the Marvel property. The Ultron Infinite episode has quite a bit of hidden surprises, appearances and references to the greater MCU.

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0:00 Marvel’s What If Episode 8 Intro
0:35 Episode 7 Recap
1:40 Episode 8 Concept
2:29 Age Of Ultron Similarities
3:08 Episode 8 Breakdown
3:50 Greatest Pun Of All Time
4:21 Easter Eggs
9:46 The Watcher Things You Missed
10:46 Back To The Recap
16:22 Episode 9 Finale Predictions
19:24 Review And Reaction
20:32 Venom Let There Be Carnage Post Credits Scene Leaks

Episode 8 of What If is now out and the penultimate entry is filled with easter eggs, hidden details and things you missed. In this breakdown we are going to be giving a large recap of the whole thing before going into what could be taking place in the finale next.

Now what is a spoiler filled breakdown if not just a spoiler free one persevering? I truly dunno but if you have not had a chance to check out the episode then I recommend you check out now.

With that out the way thanks for clicking this, now let us get into What If.

Ok so last weeks episode finished with the largest party pooper of them all arriving on the scene. Ultron had arrived and with him he brought not only his Iron Legion of Ultron Bots but in addition the Infinity Stones and Vision’s face.

I forgot to point out last time that the way that the mask opened up was plainly a nod to Tony Stark’s Iron Man one in reverse. Tony really of course helped to build Ultron in the MCU and because of this it took on a few of his persona features.

These included his lecture patterns and sayings and one of them even triggered Kalue into realising who made him. However it really went far beyond that and in the motion picture both the characters struggled over the word kids.

I undoubtedly love details like this and the episode should sort of be seen as Visions vengeance for all those times that he passed away…which was a lot…it was a lot was not it.

Now the episode fundamentally reframes Avengers Age Of Ultron and it asks what would have occurred had Ultron won. In the film he attempts to shift his consciouness into Vision’s body and had he accomplished this then the character would have been nearly indestructible. Whilst there are a few callbacks to that film there is in addition some nods to Wandavision and other films involving killer machines.


  1. Captain marvel also says to ultron that she has seen skynet (terminator 1)

  2. i was soo happy when Ultron killed Captain Feminism

  3. Did anyone else notice the scene that was supposed to be the birth of Vision in Avengers Tower in the main timeline was very different from the one in The Avengers film? Tony in the full IM suit. Natasha was there instead of Sakovia. No Wanda or Pietro. Very weird.

  4. You need to google the differences betwwen universes, galaxies, and solar systems. You seem a tad confused on the subject.

  5. DDL, (Daniel Day Lewis (Last of the Mohicans)). Nomenclature Infinity and beyond. Well Alan Alda is also an otption.

  6. Reichtangle mapper

    i wish deadpool was in this he would litteritally change it all

  7. …I think the reason he becomes more visible over the course of the series is that his showing us these stories opened us (Meta Watchers) to who and what he is.

  8. thanks paul…the puns were on point…had me laughing through most of the runtime

  9. Hey Paul, thanks for the video! This episode was definitely fantastic! Definitely looking forward to seeing the Variant Avengers! Variavengers? Avariantgers?

  10. I don’t get two things. 1. I can’t believe Vision had that much power with the mind stone to destroyed Thanos or did he, then he could’ve killed Thanos if he wanted in Infinity Wars. Of course, it would’ve been a shorter movie xd
    2. In the leak list of the episodes there is an episode called “Tony and Gamora”. We never got that episode, or did we. I’m confused now.

  11. Морфей Мутноночный

    Why not a single youtouber maintion Anigulus?

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