Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Trailer 2

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  1. I’ll admit that the trailer doesn’t have me jumping up and down my couch like maybe the Infinity War trailer did. I’m not going to dismiss this movie just because “the trailer looks boring” or “Brie Larson’s line delivery sucks”, only because this is JUST A TRAILER. The movie hasn’t come out yet, and I’ll save my judgement until then. I mean who knows? Thor was pretty boring at first, but now he’s the great. No one expected Guardians of the Galaxy to be a hit, and it was.

  2. Haven’t seen a part this grossly miscast since ben affleck in Batman.

  3. I have to see this opening day before the internet ruins it for me

  4. Why so serious?

  5. I think Fury’s eye had been destroyed by that CAT

  6. Disciple of Kyrios

    I hope her story is better than advertised. A generic superhero vibe is all over these Captain Marvel trailers. I don’t want her to beat Thanos because of it. I’d rather see Thor go toe-to-toe with the Mad Titan again. Or Ironman versus Thanos in a cosmic battle at this point.

  7. I’m rlly underwhelmed by the trailers for this movie. Which maybe a good thing n the movie might surprise me.

  8. I like this new-old Fury

  9. This just looks like a YA film

  10. Still not convinced! This looks like a cheap tv show.

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