MARVEL D23 BREAKDOWN! Thunderbolts, Secret Invasion, Leader Return & More!

Marvel Announcements at D23 2022 full panel summary and breakdown by Erik Voss! In addition, what is the tale behind the return of The Leader and the new Thunderbolts lineup?

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  1. Cmt 15

  2. Did the Queen of Wakanda secretly leaked that …. Storm is coming are we going to see the mutant Storm in wakanda forever..

  3. The cast for Thunderbolts is awesome!

  4. I want more Moon Knight!

  5. Sad theres no more scarlet witch and sad bucky isnt in cap 4 as well

  6. Get back to me when the MCU announces Alpha Flight. 😒

  7. I can’t wait to see that classic green & purple Kang.

  8. anyone know where i can see all the trailers hes talking about??

  9. The Marvels, hands down.

  10. Abomination should have been included in the thunderbolts

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