Marooned payload ship in Suez Canal could ‘take weeks’ to free | DW News

Japanese media are reporting that the proprietor of a big container ship blocking Egypt’s Suez canal aims to free it by Saturday. But professionals are cautioning it might take weeks. More than a hundred and fifty ships are waiting to get in to what is one of the world’s most important shipping routes, with hundreds more headed its way. A prolonged suspension of traffic in the Suez will almost certainly impact global trade, which has already been hit hard by the pandemic. The Suez Canal is a choke-point for world-trade. It connects Asia and Europe and sees 30-percent of the global container-shipping-volume every day.
Dredging teams worked through the night to try to clear the canal bed around the 200,000 ton ship. The stranded Ever Given is holding up around 10 billion dollars in trade every day it is stuck.
Diggers, tugboats, dredgers and a crack team of Dutchmen known as the special forces of salvage operations have been drafted in to help. It’s thought containers may have to be offloaded to lighten the vessel – though one mistake could spell disaster.
According to maritime historian Sal Mercogliano, “The bow is basically in Asia, the stern’s in Africa, and the middle is in the middle of the canal. And what you can’t do is take a lot of weight off the ends and put a lot of what they call a ‘sagging stress’ on the vessel. You could conceivably crack the hull, cause an oil spill. But worse, catastrophically fracture the vessel in half, which would close the canal for months, if not years, to salvage a vessel of that type.”
150 ships are caught in the traffic jam. Each passing day piles on the pressure for global trade routes, already struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.
Those involved have warned it could be weeks before the vessel is freed. Bad news for those stuck in the world’s longest maritime tailback.


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  3. These are false news. The canel is not small or short in length in a canel if you put 3-4 ship then only the whole canel will get covered up or blackage gets occur. They build this canel and dug it by hand do they looks big A madly it cant be. A cergo ship cajt be so large. If its large may be the huge weight or diametre of the ship as wrll as the cargo weight would may it dug inside sea. This canel has much empty spaces also on its surrounding area. Its a marvelois work of the egyptians who welcomes their work in front of the world by this canel. So dont ever make its suez basis to be harrashed and give a question mark on its engineering work.

  4. A whole new “trouble in the Suez”. Time to update your song, Billy Joel.


  6. “The Bow is in Asia, the Stern is in Africa, and the middle is in the middle of the canal.” Thanks for the commentary, Sherlock.

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