Mark Wahlberg And Kevin Hart Go Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart go Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Flight Club in New York City and discuss the Wahlburgers Jordan fours, their history selling footwear, and their sons wearing their footwear.

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  1. What was your favorite episode of season 16?

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  3. Christopher Coss

    Mj doesn’t like Green but have tons of green sitting in his bank account $ lol 🐐

  4. We need a TV show with them!! Movies are too short for them😂

  5. Has any celebrity on the show ever asked, “where’s the sales section”?

  6. This is probably the best episodes, if not one of the top 3. Had me laughing the whole time!

  7. Where’s the fan episode? Those be the best

  8. Aw nobody asked him about his steroid abuse lol

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Francisco Molina

    We just needed Kevin Hart in Pain & Gain

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