Mario Sports Superstars | Five in None – Scott The Woz

Scott does not like this game.

Music Used:
“Game Select” from Super Mario All-Stars
“Spocco Square” from Nintendo Switch Sports
“Baseball – Country Field (Away Team)” from Mario Sports Superstars
“Title Screen” from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
“Luigi’s Theme” from Mario Strikers Charged
“Mario Stadium” from Mario Sports Mix
“Koopa Troopa Beach” from Mario Sports Mix
“Dormie Hole” from Mario Golf: World Tour
“Ring Shot” from Mario Tennis Open
“Ruddy Road” from Paper Mario: Color Splash
“The Pousada” from Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
“Mushroom Cup (Tournament)” from Mario Sports Mix
“Bowser Jr. Boulevard” from Mario Sports Mix
“Wi-Fi Menu” from Mario Sports Mix
“Soccer Anthem” from Mario Sports Superstars
“Main Menu” from Mario Sports Superstars
“Tutorial” from Mario Sports Superstars
“Waluigi Pinball” from Mario Sports Mix
“Set Point, Match Point and Championship Point” from Mario Tennis Open
“Mega Battle” from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
“Overworld Theme” from Super Mario Bros.
“Marina Stadium” from Mario Tennis Aces
“Dormie Hole” from Mario Sports Superstars
“Main Menu” from Mario Golf: World Tour
“Menu Theme” from Mario Superstar Baseball
“Main Menu” from Super Mario Strikers
“Training: Lesson” from Mario Strikers: Battle League
“Gold Links” from Mario Sports Superstars
“Gold Links (Flower Cup)” from Mario Sports Superstars
“Character Customization” from Nintendo Switch Sports


  1. Scott’s voice in this one

  2. So… you mean to tell me G4 aired the sellout influencer bit?

  3. 4:42 hey c’mon Yokai watch 2 doesn’t deserve to be called nothing…

  4. Scott, your opinion is correct but how dare you put yokai watch 2 and mickeys magical world in the bland 2016 tier they are at least ok 2016 tier!

  5. The Amiibo Card Items remind me of NFTs for some reason

  6. 4:42 damn he really called Yo-kai Watch 2 nothing

  7. Rasplode And Snow the Tiger

    I having that exact same 3DS IN YOUR THUMBNAIL

  8. me sad cause no breakout

  9. Thanks Scott for the meta commentary on Nintendo shills. I can finally have an opinion now

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