Mario Odyssey but Gravity changes indiscriminately

The gravity shifts every 30 seconds! Can I beat it?

▶Post Office Box (I will open it on stream):
Tanner Ant
PO Box 283 Prince George A
Prince George, BC

#SmallAnt #Mario #Challenge


  1. Bro got on the trending page

  2. part 2 comin’ soon

  3. Video bad quality

  4. It’s crazy how this vid is still #49 Trending, 2 days after uploading.

  5. I hope someone mods this game so that gravity can work similarly to Super Mario Galaxy, making it possible to mod certain levels from that game and the sequel.

  6. 5:53 Let’s go

  7. It would be cool if you tried a minimum Capture run with this mod

  8. 18:39 *WE-I- WEIHOO

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