Mario Odyssey but every Moon makes Mario FASTER…

Super Mario Odyssey – Today I modded Mario Odyssey so that when Mario Collects a Moon he gets swifter (he gets quicker)! How many Kingdoms can Mario Beat? Hope you take pleasure in this modded Challenge!

0:00 Intro
0:06 Every Moon Doubles Mario’s Speed
23:45 Outro
#Mario #SuperMario #MarioOdyssey


  1. Squid Game fan and roblox

    I just subscribed can I please get I shout out it would make my day thank you!

  2. i subed

  3. I am my own FNF Boy friend out of paper its good!

  4. I just subbed

  5. It’s so cool how Moon say speed

  6. I want to see the next upgrade ability

  7. Danielle DuPont

    Cringe and so funny bro

  8. I just subbed

  9. So good

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