Mario Odyssey but EVERY MOON he gets FASTER

Every moon increases Mario’s speed. He begins really slow and winds up dementedly fast.

Edited by: Devine_CMD

#SmallAnt #Mario #challenge


  1. i get happy when u upload:D

  2. Pieter van Vulpen

    Please more videos smallant! <3

  3. Been so long

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. future mario odessy speedruns be like

  6. WyattW! [OFFIClAL]

    #6 On Trending in the UK! 🎉

  7. Mario odyssey but each moon gets you closer to that one kids in the elementary school track team.

  8. Woah #3 on trending nice

  9. a true jump man

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