Mario Odyssey but every 5 minutes we add more Mods

What occurs when you try to beat Super Mario Odyssey but you keep adding more and more mods ever couple of minutes? This mod was totally automated (excluding insects where I had to by hand intervene) and constructed by amethyst!
Edited by Mike Remer –

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  1. I’m pretty sure what killed you at the end was the coin mod.

  2. Great job! I can’t wait for you to race linkus in All Kingdoms% in the next vid.

  3. This is 48# on trending but has 581 comments

  4. Me 262

  5. I knew I shouldn’t steal a mixer from work, but it was a whisk I was willing to take.

  6. S. Anthonipillai Anthonipillai


  7. S. Anthonipillai Anthonipillai


  8. Rowpro’s Galaxy

    I Also like Mario

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