Mario Kart in real life is risky

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Thomas Feezel (Camera Operator)
Joshua Fraser (Camera Operator)
Arthur Grigoryan (Camera Operator)
Kevin Amaya (Camera Operator)
Sophia La Frazia (Hair/Makeup)
Sharon Shu (Production)
Deanna Gowland (Production)
Caleb Swindell (Production)
Johnny Manchild (Sound)
Gino Villanueva (Sound)
Josh Bendanillo (PA)
Kathleen Guevara (PA)
Miranda Pacheco (PA)
Jessi Sims (PA)


  1. I was genuinely worried for them. And then the sponsor showed up XD

  2. you gotta watch till 8:45

  3. Robert Flanagan

    Bro, why did alphrad have fake eyelashes on the inside of his eyeballs in the thumbnail?

  4. Just like in miz’s show, the cheater wins yet again

  5. Oh my god how did Alpha know that me and my family have been obsessed with Mario Kart lately

  6. Alpha taking him and his gamer friend’s into the real world and filming it was the best idea ever. Also getting them to do 10 laps was incredible when they all got winded only half way through haha. Love the content (all the way back during the smash days!)

  7. Oh my god Adriana being so committed to winning that she jumps off to run at the end but then her legs giving out. Life is better than any scripted comedy 🤣

  8. That scene at the end tho

    Mario Party IRL teaser?

  9. I’m getting a little emotional bc I’m high and my college friend just died but damn I used to put on Alpharad compilations as the sound to go to sleep and I remember the hype when he hit 100k and then 500 and then 1mil and smash tournaments and the weight loss and the cats and the two albums (bangers still play them all the time) and a lot of the heavy personal stuff that happened. Very proud to be here and see Alpha’s evolution. Just goes to show that this man can create good shit no matter what it is.

  10. You ever just become such a shitposter you just straight up torture your friends for content?

    Because let’s be honest, we all aspire to live that life.

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