Marathon Review

Before Bungie made Halo, they made Marathon. Then they kept putting Marathon things into Halo. Now 343 just sprinkles it in here and there. Compliment the Aleph One team for keeping it alive.

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  1. MandaloreGaming

    Get the Marathon Trilogy FREE –
    THE LIST –
    It’s been a brain melting few months and Marathon was just the extra spice I needed.

  2. a new game added to my list im use to getting them from civvie so it was even nicer to hear his name in the vid


  4. Don’t worry, Pinnacle Station got remade as a mod by using code from the original game

  5. If you were at all confused by the story breakdown, don’t worry, we’ve still got intergalactic wars, parallel dimensions and space cthulhu still to come!

  6. The AOL gag was fun

  7. Welcome back mandalore! I am really surprised at how much I missed you

  8. Damn, I forgot this existed. I remember not being able to play when this released because I didn’t have a Mac. Always looked interesting!

  9. What is the song at 9:30 mark?

  10. Man I remember first playing Marathon on Xbox 360 when it dropped as an Arcade game on the store. It totally threw me over for a loop and helped me appreciate Bungie’s game design.

    On another note, as per usual schedule, since Mandalore dropped a video, I guess I can expect Civvie and Sseth videos to drop pretty soon.

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