MandJTV Reacts to NEW Scarlet Violet DLC

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  1. Parukia de Bolivar

    I see dat Larry cosplay, Utsunomiya!

  2. Eshop dates for dlc currently say 12/31 for first part and i think if i remember correctly sometime in march 2024 for part two

  3. Pokémon sleep is perfect for Mikey and drowzee xddd

  4. AelosWindrunner

    So many spin offs, and not a hint of mystery dungeon, aka the best spin off

  5. We all know who Micheal’s sleeping with

    *looks at drowsee*

  6. Mikey is finally going to get his dream of sleeping with drowsee thanks to pokemon sleep

  7. Marie Turlington

    Mikey gets Pokémon sleep just to sleep with drowzee

  8. pokemon sleep! *pikachu lullaby* pika pika pika chu pika pika pika chuuuuuuu

  9. Mikey and Drowzee can finally sleep together 🙂

  10. When the scarlet and violet dlc trailer starts i thought it was a new legends game because of the mask

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