Manchester United vs. Real Sociedad: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD1 | CBS SPorts Golazo

Manchester United has discovered their form under new supervisor Erik ten Hag. Their mettle will be tested by Real Sociedad and star man Mikel Oyarzabal.

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  1. Don’t like united but how on earth is that a penalty. Shocking

  2. That penalty SHOULD NOT have been called. This is coming from an Arsenal fan.

  3. Clearly not handball- good job with the MU bias from t he officials. Ray Charles could see that one. And unfortunately starting Maguire continues the losing streak when he starts. Bench. Bench. Bench.

  4. Trash πŸ’€

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  6. The match-fixing at the highest order, that’s why the VAR is here for.

  7. Its crazy that Maguire being on the pitch really makes Utd so much worse. I dont know what happened to him but he went from a decent center back (good enough to make the england squad) to a complete liability at the back. When he is defending it looks like he has no idea what he is doing. It seems like he always makes the wrong decision on what to do when a player dribbles at him, he recklessly tackles players causing silly fouls, doesnt follow runners in behind and when he gets beat he looks for the linesman to bail him out with an offside call. Martinez and Varane have a good understanding together and Utd look so much more organized and solid at the back when they play together. Its a shame that Utd have to bench their captain to have their best lineup on the pitch but Maguire did it to himself. That England Euros run was the last β€œgood” football weve seen out of him and even then having all of the talent of the england team in front of him makes his job much easier. They are a much worse team with him and you could see it in this game, the whole team just looks bad when he is playing, its like his presence just makes players worse than they actually are. Im a City fan from Philadelphia and dont like Utd but i do like Ten Hag and his style of managing and what Utd are building. Utd were never going to be anywhere this season anyway and Ten Hag already looks ahead of schedule, but there is still at least a full season of work to do before they are anywhere near ready to compete for trophies

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  9. Still weak United

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