Man ‘viciously executed’ at Wisconsin gas station; police kill suspect

A man filling up his vehicle at a Wisconsin gas station was shot and killed by another man on Tuesday, with the suspect fleeing the scene and dying soon after in a gunfight with an undercover sheriff’s investigator.


  1. Racist

  2. Give them a trophy for killing him .

  3. Thank you to the police officer! The Devil is still out there! Sorry to the family of the young man. FAITH will get you through this.

  4. This world is becoming more and more unsafe.

  5. Just another incident that gives even more reason to always carry for protection and to stay sharp by hitting the range often and working on a safe quick draw.

  6. Happy to hear he got you know what

  7. What the hell is going on??? This is not gun violence. This is human violence. Why??? What has taken hold to cause this insanity?

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