Man. United vs. Real Betis: Extended Highlights | UEL Round of 16 – 1st Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

Manchester United has regained the form that has seen them atop club soccer in decades past. Will they overcome Real Betis and lift silverware once again?

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  1. Imagine what Antony could do if he used his right foot more? That one attempt where he tried to chip he could have smashed in on his right.

  2. I know he isn’t the top goal scorer but he plays his heart out and wouldn’t be a bad back up option. I hope Weghorst stays another season.

  3. people saying respect to the defender fawk that he’s stupid for that

  4. Favio Espinoza Rodriguez

    Rashford is such a fking baller.

  5. Goodvibes-seeen!

    Weghorst needs to do better 🤦🏾‍♂️🤬🤬🤬🤬

  6. I’d let Weghorst babysit my kids

  7. Respect to Real Betis’ defender that trying to block Rashford with his head! 🫡

  8. Antony looks like a one trick pony. His left foot is golden and you already know he’s going to cut in with his left and hit one but once a defender marks that leg he’s useless.

  9. Pelistri is something else….he have nothing to envy Antony

  10. Weghorst could’ve had five goals

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