Man. United vs. Barcelona: Extended Highlights | UEL Play-off 2nd Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

In a battle between two of soccer’s titans, Manchester United look to parlay an away draw and an in-form Rashford to defeat La Liga leaders Barcelona.

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  1. Sergio Roberto is an okay player, but to have him as your starter and left wing… idk man. Doesn’t Barca have better talent than that for that position? Someone like Memphis Depay?

  2. As a Barca fan, congrats to Man United & their fans for qualifying through. Amazing leg in both games. Hopefully we can recover & get our better players playing soon and focus on La Liga & Copa Del Rey.

  3. De Jong looking tired in the 2nd half, completely giving up on defensive duties 9:03

  4. That penalty call was absolute bullcrap.

  5. De Jong and Balde were phenomenal. De Jong’s first touch passes and Balde fairing well against Wan Bissaka was great to see. Glad that Garnacho and Antony also had their moment to shine

  6. Smh so real madrid is carrying spain again for fuck sakes barca, it was messi all along smh

  7. Man it ain’t the same as it use to be shame.

  8. That barcelona penalty was a joke.

  9. 7:43 Why wasn’t the blatant shove with the hand before the second goal on Raphinha by Bruno Fernando not a foul? I was very confused by this, could someone explain? I’m curious

  10. A club like Manchester United should never be playing in the Europa league. This is too easy for them, see them trashing the leader of La Liga is proof that Manchester United should be given Champion League spot automatically. No questions ask. I feel bad for whichever team will draw this United squad. Look like the strongest squad in history.

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