Making THE “Ever After” Dress (also known as the most frickin’ complex dress I have ever made lol)

Once in a while, there comes a dress that just straight-up GRABS you in a chokehold and does not let go until you make an effort to make it. And so here we are: my attempt at making the “Breathe” dress from the movie “Ever After”.
While this cosplay was SUPER intimidating and I didn’t think I had the skills necessary, I decided to Futz Around and Find Out. There’s no other way to see if you actually ARE capable of making something without fiving it a ding-dang shot so HERE YA GO.
This was by FAR the most detailed and intricate thing I’ve ever made and I am so excited to finally show you after working on it for about a month hehehe.
I hope you enjoy the chaotic process with plenty of triumphs as well as failures and thinking on my feet, lmao.

00:00 Intro
01:58 Design
02:40 Fabric Shoppin’
04:48 Making the Base Dress
07:27 Frog Brothel
07:37 Bodice Outer Layer
09:14 Overskirt
12:17 Sleeves!
13:08 Puffy Paint Time
15:53 Assembling
17:23 The Reveal!
18:38 Wrap-up & Bloopz

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  1. Hi friends!!!! Captions are out being transcribed and should be up later tonight! LOVE YOUUU and I hope you enjoy this chaotic journey :’)

    • Without looking it all up how much money do you think that this dress cost you in total?? Just a rough estimate is fine. Thanks! XO

    • FYI: Rachel there is another Youtuber that was a movie costume designer. Her name is Jenny Doan and she owns Missouri Star Quilt Co. Maybe she could be a resource for reference if she is able.

    • Food for thought, if you want to stop the sticky puffy paint from sticking together get a little bit of baby powder in a dish and a paintbrush and brush over it and I will keep it from sticking to each other or to the other fabric it just needs a light dusting

    • HellKitty Ninja

      Only 67 tabs? Girl my chrome tabs is “:D” I have so many tabs open Google gave up on counting and is just smiling at me lmao
      So excited to see this dress!!!!

    • world dictionary

      Rachel your Patreon info is not in the description box!!!

  2. Unapologetically Geeky

    This dress is stunning!!! You did such an amazing job!

  3. You did an amazing job!!! That dress has been one of my favorites since I saw that movie back in the 90s. I even found that website years ago too!

  4. Not me squealing because I TOTALLY HAVE THIS PATTERN. It’s probably in a size that fits high school me, but I’m gonna make it work.

  5. The fact that you pulled this off in three weeks is astonishing to me! It turned out so good, and as a cosplayer myself, I love the use of puffy paint and hot glue to help speed up the process when necessary. Love the end result – fantastic!

  6. I really love these projects where you take your time and put a lot of care into them. I hope you find time to make more dream dresses like this.

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