Making Our NFL Debut! Madden 24 Superstar Mode

Matt Meagher, the Buccaneers Rookie, looks to dominate the league in his NFL Debut. He’s a low overall and a 2nd round pick, but he has a lot to prove in Superstar Mode. Let’s go OFF and hopefully bag some sideline baddies like the NFL Jordan Poole.


  1. “what’s my name” is referring to Muhammad Ali Not corny

  2. Love the content papa but the dance move you called the salsa is actually called hop twist

  3. bro ong more videos of this plz

  4. Is superstar mode only available on next gen

  5. We’re trending

  6. make him have short sleeves

  7. No need to wait for this one, Madden 25 has been out for a while now…

  8. As a buccaneer fan… you just gained a sub!

  9. I hate that you can’t change your sleeves in this game. I want to tuck my sleeves in.

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