Making My Barn More ✨Whimsical✨

HEEYYOOOOO! Do you ever just look at your surroundings and holler: “BORING!” Well hey! Me too! So I fixed it!
In this disorganized renovation excursion, I turn my barn studio into a sorta ‘deserted fairy tale cottage’, cuz that is the absolute vibe. Although I only focused on one big wall this time, I’m excited to carry it through for the whole space! I had so much fun with this one: Adding fake beams, faux stone walls, old beams that we had in our garage, painting wAY too much.
I hope you have fun! LOVE YOU ALL!

Tutorial I followed for the stone wall:
The panels I used were called ” Retro-Art 3D Wall Panels Wild Stone in Brown”

00:00 Intro
01:05 Design
03:18 Painting!
07:40 Day 2 (beams!)
13:20 Day 3 (faux stone wall)
16:54 Makin’ Some Branches
21:45 Day 4 (spacklin’ & stuff)
27:04 Reveal
27:42 Wrap-Up & Bloops

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  1. I hope you change your mind and use wood for the additional beams. Wood is just lovely to live with as opposed to fake things. You can get that worn, been-there-forever look by not buying new wood but by salvaging wood from the garbage dump or from dumpsters when people remodel. If you do a little research I bet you can find out where to get junk wood for free or low cost in your area.
    I agree that the wainscoting would look better unpainted but in natural wood. And if you add tree branches to the walls, why not use real trees that you coat with something to preserve them and then glue on fake leaves to that?

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  4. I welcome your Inner Australian… Gooday Mate!

  5. Rachel I mean this with no hate, but your house is turning into one that will make the next owners go “what the HELL did they do here” 😂 This was super fun to watch – thank you!

  6. #34 on trending!!! Watching for the second time 😀

  7. Do you milk cows or various milkable animals? no nevermind don’t answer that……..😁😆😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. I think it looks great but the color of the wainscoting would look so hobbity in a dark green.

  9. You are one step closer to becoming a fairytale maiden… and I’m here for it!!! I love your use of bubble wrap, I hoard materials myself and I was so happy with your result! I love this first step, it’s a major refresh for the space and I can’t wait to watch each step going forward. I’m a Taurus myself and it’s 100 accurate that we need whimsy and magic in our surroundings to feel inspired, creative, refreshed, peaceful, soothed, relaxed, and all the other wholesome goodness a beautiful space can infuse us with! I am soaking in the HAPPY in my own studio space while watching you work on your beautiful barn!

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