Making a Lantern Full of Fireflies

I desired to do this Electrical Firefly Lantern for a long while! FINALLY DONE with my wi-fi fireflies!!

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

0:00 Describing the Firefly Lantern Project
1:19 Wireless Powered Fireflies Design
4:26 Wireless Power Driver Circuit (ZVS) Design
5:51 Lantern Mechanical Parts Design and Print Them with My LulzBot
8:28 Making the Fireflies Fly, the Aerodynamic Designs and Issues
12:41 Building the Wireless Power Driver Circuit (ZVS)
15:09 Firefly Lantern Assembly and Demo
17:46 Keysight World: Live from the Lab Event and Giveaways


  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words! It’s good to see a hard project like this is well received. You make everything worthwhile!
    And if you are interested, I was using PETG material on my LULZBOT 3D printer. PETG material is stronger than PLA, and although PLA surface finish looks nicer, PETG is not too bad either. My initial prints were done with a setting with lower temperature, which made the layers not stick too well. So I raised the temperature for later prints.


  3. F2P Gaming Castle Clash & More!

    downvoted for clickbait. if it wasnt for the click bait title, video itself was good.

  4. Steven Hancock

    Holy cow! That was amazing!

  5. Now i want to build one 0.0

  6. Great job, Mehdi!

  7. The lesson of this video is, “unless you are a talented, patient, detailed, and skilled technician,… go to college and be an impatient engineer,… then, occasionally go down to the shop and actually learn something.”

  8. Christian Abimanyu

    The one time Mehdi is able to create something that looks beautiful, functional, cool, and doesn’t blow up

  9. When he said nice… I thought he was going to say WRONG!

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